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Mindset Coaching

Reconnect With Your Sense Of Self And The Impact That You Can Have On Performance As Your Authentic Self

There's much to gain from trusting who you are and the power you hold to influence positive change. My model is designed to stimulate a fundamental change in your mindset so that you can live and lead as your authentic self. We will illuminate a growth mindset by releasing the mental barriers that hold so many of us back from realising our intended and attainable success. I will hand you your potential and challenge you to accelerate to meet it.

The Experience of My Mindset Coaching

"I meet you where you are and give clarity to your purpose. By holding space and challenging your mindset, I support you to take confident action, to move away from feeling stuck and towards realising your absolute goals and potential.


I trigger your accelerated potential through partnered coaching, deep professional insight and mindset modelling fit for this new era of authentic unbound leadership.

You are held accountable for your actions, intentions, decisions & transformations.

I hand you your potential and challenge you to accelerate to meet it. Through our coaching sessions, you are free to define your goals and your boundaries, and to deeply believe in your power to realise your goals."

My Key Areas Of Focus
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Executives who are seeking an external confidential 'thought partner’

My coaching sessions provide a supportive refuge from which you can explore your sense of self: your beliefs, behaviours, barriers, purpose, leadership voice and how you show up.


Professionals considering transition from one career into another and seeking clarity on what's next 

Through my coaching, you are free to define your goals, your boundaries and to deeply believe in your power to realise the life you need to live. 

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Leaders who need a fundamental mindset shift to stay relevant to this new workplace culture

With organisations set to thrive but talent set to flee, leaders today must adapt to this paradigm shift in their organisational culture to become more effective in their role.


Senior leaders who may be facing a challenging period

I will take you to a place of discomfort to uncover the origins of your barriers in order to instil lasting change in your mindset and approach to obstacles in life.


Individuals who are being prepared for or have recently transitioned into more senior roles

By raising awareness of your sense of self, we can uncover your authentic leadership voice and build your confidence to use it. By building skills as a purposeful leader, you can inspire others to be their authentic selves, too.


Entrepreneurs who want to clarify their business and personal goals

I can meet you where you are and give clarity to your purpose because I've been in your shoes. I understand the battle between self-belief and self-doubt. I pivoted away from my senior corporate career to follow my passion in the development of people and have never looked back.


Individuals who are seeking to improve their skills and effectiveness

We can employ a range of progressive evidence-based strategies to build your skills in areas such as influencing, impact, communication, people management and  confidence.


Executives who have undergone a 360-dgree process or leadership development programme and identified areas for development

I am EQ-i & EQ 360 certified and an EMCC accredited Master Practitioner with extensive experience in a corporate coaching environment.

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