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The Leadership Mindset Coach

Clarity -> Confidence -> Courage -> Connection = Authentic Leadership

"Success to me is when my clients have full confidence in their ability to impact performance as their authentic self. They have clarity on their purpose, they've raised their self awareness, and have built the courage and confidence to develop and action a new mindset of growth and authenticity."


Fuelled by an insatiable curiosity of human behaviour

As a corporate leader, my passion was found in understanding human behaviour and the development of others. I discovered I could support people to change in ways that made real and positive differences in their lives, and in the lives of those around them. My time in leadership positions has allowed me to develop a deep understanding of the challenges that leaders face today, not least in an ever-evolving environment which leaves little space to reflect on challenges and opportunities. 


Committed to a life of continuous education

I qualified with distinction in Executive Coaching from the UCD Smurfit Business School, I'm EQ-i & EQ 360 certified and an EMCC accredited Master Practitioner. Just as leaders must continuously evolve to stay relevant in today's workplace, so too must a coach. Alongside my coaching practice, I'm currently back at Smurfit undertaking a Masters Degree in Business and Executive Coaching.

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Fiercely dedicated to the growth of my clients

A nurturer at heart, I care resolutely about my clients' lives and the interconnected accomplishments we can realise together. I help clients see their potential and challenge them to accelerate to meet it in order to bring meaningful change to their lives and the teams that they lead. I draw on and share my own real-world experience of leading and managing in the workplace when working with my clients. 


"We can't hide away from change. We must develop a mindset that embraces it and allows us to level up."
- Olwyn Delaney

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