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My Coaching Process

What To Expect From Our Coaching Sessions

Through a tailored coaching package specific to your needs, my model is designed to stimulate a fundamental change in your mindset so that you can live and lead as your authentic self.

Phase 1: The Chemistry Call

Choosing a coach is an important decision. The chemistry call is an initial conversation between client and coach to get to know each other. The intention is to establish whether we can work effectively together to develop a relationship that has the commitment, trust and rapport to deliver the desired results. The call will have no strings attached – no obligation to work together, no obligation to share anything you don’t want to share, and no cost. 


Phase 2: Self-Discovery

Our initial sessions focus on raising your self awareness, presenting you with questions, ideas and perspectives to challenge you to uncover your authentic self. It’s about listening to your answers and following the thread. We may consider psychometric assessment in this phase as it can help clients understand their self perceptions and create actionable goals with a more complete understanding of themselves.


Phase 3: Skillset Development

After identifying the roots of your beliefs, behaviours, decisions and purpose, our sessions will employ evidence-based strategies and action-based exercises to build clarity, courage and confidence, and to train your authentic leadership mindset. 



Phase 4: Long-Lasting Mindset Change

Typically over the course of 6-8 sessions, we will have unlocked your leadership mindset, gained awareness of your true potential, and I will have challenged you to accelerate to meet it. You have acquired the coaching skills and habits to effect a fundamental shift in your mindset.

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